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I started bootcamp on January 19. It was meant to go for 4 weeks – until February 19. 3 days a week, 7am start. I thought I’d hate it and soldier through, then see where it left me after a month. But after that month, I immediately signed up for the next session. It’s not like me – I hate working out. I mean really hate it – I would never do it for the sake of doing it.

Something about waking up and getting it done in the morning is what makes the whole thing work. I feel like I have more time in the day, and I feel like it isn’t taking away from anything else. I felt like 3 days a week wasn’t enough, and I wanted to move towards my pole dancing goal so I started going to pole classes in addition to the bootcamp workouts.

That didn’t feel like enough either – the classes are challenging but more in a technique way than a physical/aerobic way, and if I’m going to climb Kilimanjaro in a year I better be able to walk up a staircase without huffing and puffing. So I signed up for some other classes as well. Today I did “Acrobatic Foundations” and “Cirque Stretch”.

Yesterday was Pole Fit in the morning and Pole 101 in the evening. Tomorrow I have Ball Fit in the morning, and Thursday I have Flexibility Yoga. Friday is Ripped in the morning, and I believe I have another dance class in the evening (I can’t remember which). Then on Saturday I’m going to do an intro to Parkour class. The mister is now afraid I’ll “burn myself out” by doing to much – but it hasn’t felt like that. I like feeling the ache in my muscles, it makes me feel like I’ve earned my lazying around and my sweet tooth. I don’t want to be one of those zillions of people who says that working out has ‘changed them’ and now they can’t live without it – because make no mistake, I could certainly be happy the way I used to be, without doing it. But I feel like I’m actually making some sort of progress and I’m even now moving up to the 202 level for pole dancing.

Slow and steady is for suckers – I’m all about going big or going home.