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I’m halfway done the 4 week bootcamp. I was pretty sad that I missed last Friday’s class. No, not sad – mad. I was angry at myself for missing it. Once I skip one, it’s so much easier to justify skipping others. But since there were extenuating circumstances (a dear friend’s birthday had me out until 3:30am, which meant that a 6:30am wakeup would have left me a zombie for the rest of the day) I am trying to forget it ever happened.


So today is my 6th class. It should be my 7th – but oh well. This is the third “Polefit” class – and for once I didnt stop during the run! I don’t know if that’s me getting better cardio-wise or just better at not exerting my full energy. The rest of the class was still pretty tough – I’ve noticed that I’m not keeping the form all the way through the exercises and I hate that. The more moves the teacher does when giving exercises to the advanced students the more I think my goal of competing this year is unattainable. Also, there are no other morning lessons so I really have to figure out how to make this work with my regular daily routine, since last time I tried to do this I eventually petered out.