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This weekend we were invited, along with every single couple getting married in 2015 at our venue, to taste a sample menu and wander the grounds to see what the place looks like when it’s ‘set up’ for a wedding. They had a buffet for us to sample, some of the canapes, and you could ‘look’ at the plated options (just a set plated for you to view and photograph – no tasting!). All in all I wasn’t too impressed. It’s passable, not delicious – but when you’re forced to use only one catering company that has an exclusive contract with your venue, they don’t have much of an incentive to actually make things delicious – just passable. So they met their goal with gold stars – absolutely passable. The wines were alright – nothing to write home about; but what shocked me was that if we want to bring any wine that they don’t currently have available it’ll be the liquor store price PLUS $20 per bottle. That seems outrageous.


I contented myself with ensuring I tried every single one of the desserts to make up for the mediocre experience. At least no one will starve, and since all the food is pretty blah, we might as well choose the most affordable and spend the rest of the money on booze. Now there’s a plan!