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So I’ve survived the first week of bootcamp. The Wednesday class, called “ball fit” was pretty intense – lots of jumping holding an exercise¬†ball. After having dirty runners for the first class, I decided to throw them in the washing machine and dryer so they’d be nice and clean for Wednesday. Turns out – that’s a bad idea, since the soles separated from the uppers leaving me to do the class barefoot, feeling even more awkward than I did on the Monday class. I got through it, and was incredibly sore by Wednesday evening. Friday’s class, “Ripped”, was also a tough go – but at least by then I had running shoes again (I glued them back together, good as new!).

We’ve been clearing out all our storage areas (our apartment came with two storage lockers) and re-organizing them in proper tupperware bins, so Friday and Saturday have been all about getting the house back to clean. There was so much junk strewn around the living room that I couldn’t relax.

On Saturday we had intended to go buy a car (!), but apparently our negotiating tactics didn’t quite cut the mustard since we ended up walking away empty handed. Today we had to take the cat for her annual vet appointment and she checked out wonderfully, so it seems the diet I switched her to has helped.

This evening the plan is to find the perfect recipe for Ginger Molasses Cookies. Fingers Crossed.